Reports & Proposals


“Leading CI Enterprise” Concept Paper:

Building Community and Leading CI Enterprise (King, J.L., Berente, N., Howison, J.)


Previous Workshop Reports:

Leading Cyberinfrastructure Enterprise: Value Propositions, Stakeholders, and Measurement (Berente, N., Howison, J., King, J.L., Cutcher-Gershenfeld, J., and Pennington, R.) – Report from the second RCN Workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2013.

Virtual Organizations as Sociotechnical Systems: Exploring How Organization Scientists and Virtual Organization Leaders Can Collaborate (Berente, N., Howison, J., King, J.L., Lyytinen, K. and Wilkins-Diehr, N.) – Report from the first RCN Workshop in Cleveland, Ohio in May 2012.

Managing CI Centers: An Agenda for Organizational Scholarship and Cyberinfrastructural Innovation, (Berente, N., Claggett, J., Howison, J., Knobel, C., and Rubleske, J.) – Report from the first Managing CI Centers Workshop in Athens, Georgia in October 2011.


Proposals for related NSF Grants:

Research Coordination Network for Managing Collaborative Research Centers (Berente, N. and Howison, J. 2011. NSF Award RCN-1148996)

Managing Cyberinfrastructure Centers in a Demanding Era: The Development of Science Executives (Berente N. and King, J.L. 2012. NSF Award CI-TEAM-1240160)

Supporting Successful Design & Management of Research Centers, (Berente N. 2010. NSF Award EAGER-1059153)


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