Reports & Proposals

“Leading CI Enterprise” Concept Paper:

Building Community and Leading CI Enterprise (King, J.L., Berente, N., Howison, J.)


Website with “Guides” on Managing Virtual Organizations:

Distributed Science


Workshop Reports:

Organizing and the Cyberinfrastructure Workforce (Berente, N., Howison, J., King, J.L., Ahalt, S., Winter, S.) – Report from the RCN Workshop in Alexandria, Virginia in 2017.

Professionalization in Cyberinfrastructure (Berente, N., Howison, J., Cutcher-Gershenfeld, J., King, J.L., Barley, S., Towns, J.) – Report from the RCN Workshop in Santa Barbara, California in 2017.

Impact of Cyberinfrastructure Enterprise on the Nation’s Workforce: Visualizations of a Decade of NCSA’s Diaspora (Howison, J., Berente, N., Cheng, J., Sutton, A., Naquin, H.) – Report from an impact study on the NCSA workforce.

Thinking Like a Science Executive: A Workshop Curriculum for Cyberinfrastructure Leaders (Berente, N., King, J.L., Cutcher-Gershenfeld, J., Howison, J., and Winter, S.) – Report from the Science Executive Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013.

Leading Cyberinfrastructure Enterprise: Value Propositions, Stakeholders, and Measurement (Berente, N., Howison, J., King, J.L., Cutcher-Gershenfeld, J., and Pennington, R.) – Report from the second RCN Workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2013.

Virtual Organizations as Sociotechnical Systems: Exploring How Organization Scientists and Virtual Organization Leaders Can Collaborate (Berente, N., Howison, J., King, J.L., Lyytinen, K. and Wilkins-Diehr, N.) – Report from the first RCN Workshop in Cleveland, Ohio in May 2012.

Managing CI Centers: An Agenda for Organizational Scholarship and Cyberinfrastructural Innovation, (Berente, N., Claggett, J., Howison, J., Knobel, C., and Rubleske, J.) – Report from the first Managing CI Centers Workshop in Athens, Georgia in October 2011.


Presentations from the August 14-15, 2017 Workshop:

Empowering a Cyberinfrastructure Workforce, Stan Ahalt (RENCI)

Collaboration, Stars, and the Changing Organization of Science, Alexander Oettl (GA Tech)

Innovations in Cyberinfrastructure Learning and Workforce Development, Sushil Prasad (NSF)

Crossing the Intellectual Desert: Building and Sustaining Multidisciplinary Teams, Dan Reed (University of Iowa)

Cyberinfrastructure Workforce: or… Why are we in Arlington Anyhow? John Towns (University of Illinois / XSEDE)

Virtual Organization of Science, Susan Winter (University of Maryland)


Proposals for related NSF Grants:

Research Coordination Network for Managing Collaborative Research Centers (Berente, N. and Howison, J. 2011. NSF Award RCN-1148996)

Managing Cyberinfrastructure Centers in a Demanding Era: The Development of Science Executives (Berente N. and King, J.L. 2012. NSF Award CI-TEAM-1240160)

Supporting Successful Design & Management of Research Centers, (Berente N. 2010. NSF Award EAGER-1059153)


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