Knowledge Infrastructures Workshop Participant Information

Hotel:  We are making reservations at Deca ( and will pay the hotel directly. We are able to pay for up to 3 nights per participant.
Expenses: We will provide each participant with an honorarium to defray expenses, at a rate of $750 for US based participants and $1,250 for Europe based participants.  This is to cover airfares, any meals not provided by the workshop, and incidental transport such as taxis from home-airports-hotel. Please email us if these amounts don’t cover your expenses sufficiently for you to attend. Also, if you have not done so in the past please visit the University of Georgia Accounts Payable link:  This will allow them to process the honoraria payments which will be mailed to you after the workshop.
Flights. Please make your own flight arrangements ASAP.  Once booked, please share your flights with us so that we know whether to reserve a hotel room for 2 or 3 nights.
Bio: Please also send a brief bio and a charming picture of yourself that we will post on the workshop website.